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Benchers have recently become a much-sought-after souvenir and are now part of every celebration. You can easily spot them in weddings, bar or bat mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, and during holiday celebrations.
Even if you are planning a more intimate event that does not involve sending invites to tens or perhaps hundreds of guests, benchers can be an ideal way to mark the occasion. Additionally, you may consider ordering a bencher for the visitors you anticipate in your celebration- whether it’s a private function or just a meeting in honor of the Jewish Holidays.
We supply a variety of unique benchers and can fulfill your orders starting from fifty units and beyond. We can also customize each bencher to suit your guests’ needs. By personalizing the gift, you can ensure that your visitors have a delightful experience. Similarly, the memorable souvenirs make the experience more meaningfully.
The rite of passage occurs only once in someone’s life. This passage may entail boyhood to manhood, or girlhood to womanhood, and can have significant effects on an individual.
Such events are usually marked by great celebrations that include one’s family, friends, and classmates of the celebrator.
Bat / Bar Mitzvah benchers are an ideal way of appreciating your guests’ presence and act as a thank you note. Such notes are of great significance in Judaism as they act as a binding testament to the essence of the event. Therefore, they are an ideal and thoughtful gift to mark the occasion.
Benchers come in various forms. For instance the bar or bat mitzvah may order benchers comprising or prayers that are a “Song and Praise”, a book consecration, Wall Bencher- suited to events celebrated against a wall, or benchers that comprise a collection of prayers for goodwill. They may also include a Bencher Woman of Valor (ideal for the bat mitzvah), Grace after Meals with drawings of tefillin on them, the order of challar etc. This shows that benchers can be tailored to display desirable qualities to the recipients, thus enhancing the benchers’ value.
Marriage is greatly valued in Judaism. This is particularly because it marks the coming together of two different souls to make one. When these souls are connected to Solomon’s soul, they resonate with the theme of love and intimacy that underpins Judaism.
Wedding events are a customary feature of Judaism, and benchers related to the event provide great souvenirs for your guests. As a sign of your appreciation for their presence at your ceremony, consider offering wedding benchers to your guests.
The visitors who turn up for your religious ceremony deserve a tailored token that would serve as a memorial of the event. Benchers can be specialized to suit varying needs and may be offered in diverse designs. For instance, they can be themed around Grace after Meals and offered in the shape of a plate, which are placed on tables where your guests intend to dine. Other benchers may be themed around Prayers, KIDDUSH, Sabbath songs, Marriage Blessings Order, the Song of Songs, Good Luck charms that would help singles to find matching suitors among others. Depending on your needs, the wedding benchers can convey a heartfelt and memorable message to your guests.
Holidays are a unique time in Judaism, and are marked by family functions that include dinner. These holidays include Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Shavuot, and a Passover Seder on the next day. During such occasions, the exchange of gifts between family members is a customary feature. Therefore, most people attending the functions carry a carefully wrapped gift to the occasion and at times include a bencher, especially to mark the lavish holidays.
For instance, during the Passover Seder, families exchange the Omer count, Hanukkah- during the Candle lighting. Other gifts may include the Purim, the book of Esther and the honor of Sukkot, during which benchers such as the "Btzila Dmhimnota" can be offered. In fact, during Israeli holidays and festivals, most people are spoilt for choice, given the wide array of bencher options available.
Over the years, the religious role of the Shabbat has been growing in significance, and many people have been realizing and appreciating the impact of this sacred occasion. The sacred status of the Shabbat means you need to find benchers suited to the occasion and the ones that would ideally honor the moment. Benchers for the Shabbat Hatan can be themed to include a book or magazine comprising Shabbat songs, a chosen Saturday night, book consecrations, Lighting made-to-order and Saturday night requests. Such Benchers become a part of the holy Shabbat where guests can sit and enjoy the festivities.
The benchers you order for others are usually carefully crafted and meant to convey a special meaning. Whether you need a bencher designed in honor of the holiday or a specific occasion, you can always choose from the wide range of benchers available. Moreover, the benchers may come in different sizes, and most feature a variety of decorations and colors.
Similarly, each bencher may be customized to match the tastes of individual requesters. For instance, they can be offered in form of a stand, magnetic attachments to the fridge where they can act as constant reminder of the holiday. They may also feature a hard cover. Either way, the inclusion of benchers means you can never go wrong in your desire to commemorate a holiday or festival, as benchers are great souvenirs that you can offer to guests attending the function or to hosts who organize such events.
You can easily purchase a bencher on our site, upon which you can select any model, shape, and color of the bencher that interests you. We can even help you to choose the most appropriate Bencher based on the event, date or holiday, your budget, or even your tastes and preferences.
In certain instances, you may find similar Benchers, with the only difference being that some of them may feature thick covers while others consist of slim pamphlets. Additionally, the price may vary depending on the additional qualities that a bencher entails, although the content may not vary.
In order to make each bencher more meaningful to recipients, you may opt to include a personal dedication, which would enhance the appeal of the bencher, enrich the details, and make the souvenirs a wonderful way to convey your message.
Among the events that call for a special bencher, for either your loved ones or guests, include the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, weddings, covenant or its allies, Shabbat Chatan, Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Sat.
At the Benchers Israel website, you will find the ideal benchers to make your holidays more impactful, memorable and special.